The Swim Whisperer

Her Inspiration


I learned how to swim as an infant. So swimming has always been a part of my life. I never swam competitively, but I’ve always had a passion for swimming. I absolutely love water!  In high school swimming was a mandatory class and I loved it so much that I took it twice! 


I started working as a swim instructor in 2012. After working for a company that provided seasonal private swim lessons for about two years, I decided to establish my own company. Initially, I managed about 50 clients and ended up hiring two instructors to help! Each summer, clients wanted to continue year round. As a result of many requests, I began to look for an indoor location where I could conduct year-round swim lessons. It wasn’t until 2015 that I was able to secure an indoor location. This opened up my eyes to an even greater need. There are so many children and adults alike that don’t know how to swim and on top of that share this great fear of swimming. I realized how dangerous and even potentially deadly it could be for individuals to be in the water without the proper swimming skills. Since then, I have  become committed to doing what I can to lower the statistics of swimming fatalities. 


"We can learn so much from just letting go...we learn patience, trust, confidence, and a better understanding of self. So today, I encourage you to just let go and float into a better version of YOU!"

-The Swim Whisperer

The Swim Whisperer Workshop

Technique driven one of a kind private swim lessons for all age groups with The Swim Whisperer. Automatic Recurring monthly payments are withdrawn according to the date of the initial payment.  A 30-day email notice is required to be removed  from the program. Priced per participant. 

Group Swim Lessons with The Swim Whisperer

Youth: Ages 4 -  12

Saturdays at 12:10pm

All levels welcome


1x per week: $80/month

per participant





Private Swim Lessons with The Swim Whisperer

Private: (1 participant) Ideal for participants with specific swimming goals!


 1x per week: $160/month


Semi-Private: (2 -4 participants) Ideal for siblings and friends wanting to learn together!


For 2 participants (1x per week): $240/month

For 3 participants (1x per week): $ 300/month

For 4 participants (1x per week): $360/month



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