Getting Started!


Complete the registration form to register for all group and private swim lessons, to add/renew classes, and for current participants wanting to register for a different program.  You can only register one participant at a time. If you have a voucher, please include the voucher number on the registration form. Group and private class options are listed on the registration form. 


You will receive a confirmation email. You will not need to wait for additional confirmation to be added to a group class. The class you choose on the form is the class you will be enrolled in. So please make sure you are able to commit to the class you choose on a weekly basis before selecting a class.


After registering for private lessons please allow 7 days for schedule confirmation via email.


Once you fill out the registration form, click on the link on the confirmation page to proceed to the payment page.


 Registration Fee: All participants (voucher and recurring) are required to pay an annual $60 registration fee. Annual Subscription.  Automatic annual membership fee/per household according to your initial payment date.  The registration fee can be cancelled at any time. Participants are responsible for canceling this fee once they are satisfied with the program. Non- refundable. 


Program Fee:  Automatic recurring monthly program fee is withdrawn according to the date of the initial payment.  A 30-day email notice is  required to be removed from the program. 

Day 1 Preparation

Please bring the proper swim attire, a towel, a change of clothes and goggles.

* If the participant does not have goggles they may purchase goggles on-site.

* If the participant already has goggles, please make sure the goggles do not cover the nose.

* Please make sure every participant rinses off on-site before entering the water, changes their clothes after the lesson and exits the pool area through the locker rooms.

*Adults accompanying opposite sex children must use the family locker room.  Boys four and up are not allowed in the women's locker room. 

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